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Our Businesses
tax deed investments
Tax Deed Investments
We buy real estate in the United States and Canada using Tax Deeds.

harmony escapes
Harmony Escapes
Harmony Escapes is the flagship brand of our portfolio of short-term corporate rentals.

boss academy
Boss Academy
Our collection of training material and courses on how to invest in tax deeds and how to build a portfolio of short-term rentals.
Marcos, Mauricio, Charles
Marcos, Mauricio and Charles
About Us
Marcos, Mauricio and Charles met in 2018. Charles was finishing his Executive MBA, Mauricio was looking for alternative forms of investment and Marcos wanted to scale his business. The three of them joined forces to launch Life Hacks Wealth.

The business has three branches: First, we invest in real estate using tax deeds. Second, we build short term rentals without owning any for cashflow. Third, in the Academy, we show you our strategies for you to get more freedom, flexibility and control over your future. 

Under the vision of Marcos, we are life hacking to create wealth. The traditional (9 to 5 grind) ways and non-traditional (Rich Dad Poor Dad) ways to create wealth don't work any more. We develop and implement life hacks that give us the financial freedom and flexibility for us to do what we want.

Join our Academy where we show you how to get started and how to follow a path that works. A path to freedom and flexibility that we, ourselves, implement every day.
Testimonials on Life Hacking to Wealth
Do you want more freedom and flexibility? Do you want control over your future?
I attended the Detroit Tax Deed Experience back in September 2018. With the help of Marcos and the LHW team, I purchased five properties at the Detroit tax deed auction. The properties generated a 3x return on my investment.

I also did the AirbtheBoss course and again, with the guidance of Marcos and the LHW team, I launched three short-term rental units and was approved 3 weeks later as a "superhost" by Airbnb.

2019 will be a powerful year for all those applying these life hacks to generate wealth!

Meny Atias, California
Finally, I have crossed over from being someone who dreams about passive income, to someone who took action and made it happen for myself. 

That is what Marcos does. He can take someone like myself with no real estate experience and no entrepreneurial experience whatsoever, and with his program teach you how to become a professional who can now create passive income for themselves. 

I finally have a passive income and I did it because of the programs that he taught me. Thank you Marcos!

Britt Taylor, North Carolina
It's been awesome learning how to build Airbnb's with Marcos, he's straight to the point and forces you to take action! 

Within 2 months I had my first 2 units up and I don't own any of them! So far I've generated over $15k in revenue and that's with just 2 units and I have another 3 on the way! 

So grateful for Marcos to be showing the way to financial freedom!

Taz Ahsan, Massachusetts
Meet Marcos
Our Head Coach and Chief Vision Officer
Marcos Jacober was born in Brazil. He moved to the US in 1998 with a dream and $100 in his pocket. Marcos worked in construction, washed dishes, drove a truck, was a chef, became a restaurant owner and a Fedex contractor. 

After losing everything to 2008 financial crisis, Marcos moved to Texas where he learned how to invest in real estate using Tax Liens and Tax Deeds. He became a millionaire 4 years later and with 500+ transactions, he is an authority in real estate investing using Tax Liens and Tax Deeds. 

Always wanting to do more, Marcos has also found tremendous success as an Airbnb host. He has developed techniques that allow him to scale the portfolio of properties on Airbnb and put the business on autopilot. Marcos Jacober is one of those life hackers that turns into gold everything he touches.
Airbnb House Tour in Florida
Detroit Tax Deed Experience
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